5th Canadian Obesity Summit

April 26 - 28, 2017

Banff Springs AB

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The Canadian Obesity Summit (COS) is the most important biennial scientific event on obesity in Canada. Its objectives are:

  • To provide a forum for the dissemination of information about research advances in the field of obesity
  • To identify, debate and promote innovative preventive and treatment strategies to reduce the prevalence of obesity and its associated burden of disease

Why should YOU attend?

  • Increase your knowledge via the scientific program
  • Collect "take home" tools and information from workshop sessions
  • Gain exposure by submitting an abstract of your work
  • Increase your connections through networking opportunities
  • Develop and join research collaborations
  • Take advantage of a competitive price structure


Workshops are included in conference registration. CLICK HERE to download more information for workshops being held on Tuesday April 25th (multiple workshops running throughout the day 8:30-4:30), Wednesday April 26th (one afternoon workshop 2-4pm), Thursday April 27th (one afternoon workshop 2-4pm) and Friday April 28th (two afternoon workshops- 12-1pm, 2-4pm) .


Wednesday April 26

Reshaping Canada’s Food Policies for Health My Patient has Lost Weight Now What?

Our 21 st century diet of convenience: Why we need Marketing to Kids (M2Ks) and sugary drink policies
Manuel Arango (Toronto, ON)

Healthy Eating Strategy: Responding to The Senate Report in Obesity
Hasan Hutchinson (Ottawa, ON)

Sugar-sweetened beverage taxation in Canada: prospects and challenges
Yann LeBodo (Québec, QC)

Lifestyle intervention
Marie-France Langlois (Sherbrooke, QC)

Meal replacements
Marie-Phillippe Morin (Ottawa, ON)

Surgery & medication
Sean Wharton (Toronto, ON)

Government Frameworks for Obesity Prevention & Management Pediatric Obesity Care

Developments in European Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity Policies
João Breda (Copenhagen, DK)

Government Response: Senate Obesity Report or Obesity Prevention Policy in Canada
David K Lee (Ottawa, ON)

Legal implications of classifying obesity as a chronic disease
Jacob Shelley (London, ON)

Positive Mental Health as a starting point for the treatment of child obesity
Laurie Clark (Ottawa, ON)

Alberta pediatric obesity strategy
Rena LaFrance (Edmonton, AB)

The Team to Address Bariatric Care in Canadian Children (Team ABC3): Progress to Date
Geoff Ball (Edmonton, AB)

Weight Bias: Moving beyond awareness to creating change! Bariatric Surgery I

Weight Bias: What can we do about it?
Angela Alberga (Montreal, QC)

Addressing Weight Bias in Health Care: Inter-professional health education
Sara Kirk (Halifax, NS)

Addressing Weight Bias in Public Health: Changing the narrative to avoid unintended consequences
Ximena Ramos Salas (Edmonton, AB)

Overview of Bariatric Surgical Procedures
Richdeep Gill (Calgary, AB)

The Evolution of Mental Health Care in Bariatric Surgery
Sanjeev Sockalingam (Edmonton, AB)

Medical Tourism – It’s a High Stakes Gamble
Daniel Birch (Edmonton, AB)

Thursday April 27

Living with Obesity Pregnancy & Maternal Health

Health services research in bariatric care: Living While Losing
Mary Forhan (Edmonton, AB)

Benefits of Obesity and (Un)intended Consequences of Weight Loss: A Devil’s Advocate Position
Jennifer Kuk (Toronto, ON)

Living with Obesity: Before and After Bariatric Surgery
Laurie Twells (St. John’s, NL)

Prenatal stress and obesity: results from the Stress in Pregnancy International Research Alliance (SPIRAL)
Kelsey Needham Dancause (Montreal, QC)

ENRICH: Supporting healthy weights in pregnancy and postpartum
Rhonda Bell (Edmonton, AB)

Obesity management in women with Infertility
Jean-Patrice Baillargeon (Sherbrooke, QC)

Family Based Pediatric Care Managing Obesity as a Chronic Disease

Parenting stress: associations with childhood obesity, physical activity, and TV viewing
Kathryn Walton (Guelph, ON)

The social determinants of pediatric obesity: Time to let go of diet and exercise
Jonathon McGavock (Winnipeg, MB)

Looking beyond nutrition and obesity
Leia Minaker (Waterloo, ON)

Obesity as a Chronic Disease
Arya M. Sharma (Edmonton, AB)

Improving obesity prevention and management in primary care: the 5As Team Program
Denise Campbell-Scherer (Edmonton, AB)

Treating the Big Picture: Diabetes and Obesity
Sue Pedersen (Calgary, AB)

Nutrition Beyond Foods Microbiome/CIHR

Can we trust data on dietary intake?
Sharon Kirkpatrick (Waterloo, ON)

Can policy ameliorate socioeconomic inequities in obesity and obesity-related behaviours?
Dana Olstad (Calgary, AB)

Foods that improve metabolic parameters
Gordon Zello (Saskatoon, SK)

Dysbiosis and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: is there a relationship?
Johanne Allard (Toronto, ON)

Gut microbiota as a potential mediator of the metabolic effects of bariatric surgery
Andre Tchernof (Quebec, QC)

The role of the gut microbiome in obesity: Opportunities for nutritional interventions
Jens Walter (Edmonton, AB)

Friday April 28

Population Health – Surveillance Energy Metabolism & Body Composition

Assessing nutritional intake in Canadian children and adolescents
Mary R. L’Abbe (Toronto, ON)

Recent trends in the prevalence of overweight and obesity among Canadian children
Ceclia Rodd (Winnipeg, MB)

Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Children and Youth
Mark Tremblay (Ottawa, ON)

Physiological Determinants of Energy Metabolism
Eric Doucet (Ottawa, ON)

Effect of foods on appetite and energy intake
Bohdan Luhovyy (Halifax, NS)

Defining and Measuring Sarcopenic Obesity
Carla Prado (Edmonton, AB)

Physical Activity Benefits Beyond Weight Loss Bariatric Surgery II

Impact of Hockey Fans in Training Program on Health in Overweight Men
Robert Petrella (London, ON)

Is one minute of exercise enough?
Jonathan Little (Kelowna, BC)

Exercise effects on inflammation and adiocyte biology
David Wright (Guelph, ON)

Sleeve Gastrectomy as the #1 performed bariatric operation-A Culture Shift or a Fad
Dennis Hong (Hamilton, ON)

Reflux Disease and its impact on Bariatric Surgical Choice
Shahzeer Karmali (Edmonton, AB)

Bariatric Surgical Outcomes on the National Stage-MBSAQIP and NSQIP
Timothy Jackson (Toronto, ON)

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